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MCSO Press Release – Aggravated Robbery, Woodlands

On January 2, 2012, at approximately 8:20 PM, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the report of a robbery that had just occurred in the parking lot of a shopping center at 1100 Lake Woodlands in South Montgomery County. 

When deputies arrived they learned that a male suspect had opened the door to the victim’s vehicle and took her purse then ran to a nearby waiting car.  The victim chased the suspect on foot to the car and tried to get the purse back.  As the suspects drove away the victim was trying to open the door to the car but was pulled to the ground.  The victim sustained minor injuries.

Cameron Weasby

Devontae Deshone Dickerson

The victim called 911 and was able to provide a description of the vehicle.  Patrol deputies spotted the vehicle on heading south Interstate 45.  Deputies stopped the vehicle and found the victim’s purse inside.  Three suspects were arrested and taken to the Montgomery County Jail all charged with Aggravated Robbery.

Arrested:         All suspects live in the Houston area.

Dickerson, Devontae 5/23/92 B/M                 Aggravated Robbery

Flouredel Richyl White

Weasby, Cameron 12/30/93 B/M                    Aggravated Robbery

White, Flouredel   01/11/93 Asian Female     Aggravated Robbery

Information Source:

Lt. Dan Norris
Administrative Services – PIO

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4 Responses to “MCSO Press Release – Aggravated Robbery, Woodlands”

  1. Bill says:

    :ass: can’t the low lifes stay in Houston? (The part where the low lifes live) don’t want everyone to think I mean all of Houston is a bunch of thugs

  2. c-note says:

    There isnt a low life part of Houston :frustrated:

  3. MRS. JACKSON says:

    all of you are so wrong for leaving these kinda comments about some kids how would u feel if it was your child keep your rude ass comments to yourself stopping judging these young kids for one mistake they made yall act like yall was the most perfect kids stop acting this way these children deserve another chance because everyone deserve another chance its life so please think before yu leave another comment about some kids yall grown people and having nothing else to do with your life just because they did this doesnt mean that dnt belong on a certain part of town cause the woodlands is not all that i stay in the woodlands myself and its like every other part of texas i stayed on its crime everywhere so WTF!!!!! i dnt care if their white or black stop judging kids people in the woodlands jus because u stay out here doesnt mean your better then anybody cause your just another ignorant human bean. FREE THESE KIDS AND GIVE THEM ANOTHER CHANCE GOD WILL BE ON THEIR SIDES

  4. MRS. JACKSON says:

    Devontae Dickerson and cameron weasby and Flouredel Richyl White are some really good kids that just made one mistake and grown people should not be on here talking down on some kids why would yall wanna see these kids sit in jail and miss out on their education i feel that is not right at least let them out on probation so they can futher their education instead of being behind bars thats not called for everyone makes mistake why no forgive them and pray for them and punish them on probation while the contiue school thats whats really important STOP JUDGING THEM ON WHAT YOU HEARD OR READ BECAUSE EVERYTHING YOU READ MIGHT NOT BE TRUE SO IF YOU WASNT THERE THEN STOP LEAVING STUPID ASS COMMENTS ABOUT THESE KIDS HOW WE KNOW WHAT THEY DID OR DIDNT DO ME PERSONAL BELIEVE THAT WOMAN WAS NOT HURT SHE MADE THE SISTUATION BIGGER THEN WHAT IT WAS MINOR INJURIES YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!! NOT SAYING THEY WASNT WRONG CAUSE THEY WAS BUT PUNISH THEM DIFFERENTLY…..


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