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MCSO Press Release – Aggravated Robberies – Woodlands, Magnolia

On January 11, 2012, around 9:20 PM patrol deputies were called to the Heritage Point Subdivision on Cloverleafe Drive, Magnolia for the report of a robbery where they met with a 35 year old male pizza deliveryman who had been robbed at gunpoint. 

Tiffaney Leanne Steverson

William Mason

Deputies learned that as the victim was leaving the subdivision a white car blocked the roadway and a male suspect got out of the car and with a pistol in hand demanded the victim’s money.  The suspect fired one shot into the air, had the victim remove his clothing, then returned to his car and sped away.  The victim could see inside the suspect’s car a female accomplice. The victim was not injured and the suspect got away with a small amount of cash and personal property belonging to the victim.

The victim told deputies that the suspect wore a blue bandana and sunglasses on his face.

On January 11, 2012, around 11 PM patrol deputies were called to a residence on Ledge Stone Place near Branch Crossing, in The Woodlands where a similar robbery had just occurred.  The 21 year old male victim told deputies that a white vehicle followed him to his home and as he got out of his car a white male got out of the white car with a gun in his hand, approached him and demanded money.  The suspect was wearing a blue bandana on his face.

The suspect after getting the victim’s money fired a single gunshot into the air then got into the white car and fled.  The victim saw that a female was in the car with the suspect. The victim was not injured.

In both robberies there were passengers inside the victim’s vehicles that were not robbed or injured.

Around 1:45 AM, a patrolman with the Magnolia Police Department stopped a vehicle on FM 1488 around Goodson Road that matched the description of the vehicle the suspects used during the two robberies. Inside the vehicle the officer found a handgun, a blue bandana and personal property from the victims. 

Cooperating efforts from both the Magnolia Police Department and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office led to the occupants of the car being arrested and charged with the two aggravated robberies.


William Mason            W/M DOB 07/03/91               Hockley, Texas

Tiffaney Steverson,     W/F DOB 08/31/87                Hockley, Texas

Information Source:

 Lt. Dan Norris
Administrative Services – PIO

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3 Responses to “MCSO Press Release – Aggravated Robberies – Woodlands, Magnolia”

  1. LCD says:

    Lets face it these are young crack heads….lets hope they are NOT allowed to breed the gene pool.
    Anyone and everyone in the criminal world knows you criminals are the only ones out after midnight besides the police……

  2. MRS. JACKSON says:

    all of you are so wrong for leaving these kinda comments about some kids how would u feel if it was your child keep your rude ass comments to yourself stopping judging these young kids for one mistake they made yall act like yall was the most perfect kids stop acting this way these children deserve another chance because everyone deserve another chance its life so please think before yu leave another comment about some kids yall grown people and having nothing else to do with your life just because they did this doesnt mean that dnt belong on a certain part of town cause the woodlands is not all that i stay in the woodlands myself and its like every other part of texas i stayed on its crime everywhere so WTF!!!!! i dnt care if their white or black stop judging kids people in the woodlands jus because u stay out here doesnt mean your better then anybody cause your just another ignorant human bean. FREE THESE KIDS AND GIVE THEM ANOTHER CHANCE GOD WILL BE ON THEIR SIDES

  3. Macie says:

    This hppens to be my brother so dont apperciate the crack head commnt he dd it to cme home and feed us thankss get yhu facts stright befoe you run your mouth and the gene pool really now get a life instead of tlkkn rap ab a kid on goggle


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