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Adrian David Heath for Montgomery County Judge

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12:55 pm
March 16, 2010


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Post edited 2:01 pm – March 16, 2010 by

Dear Friends of liberty and limited government

I am contacting you to ask for your assistance in launching my
campaign for Montgomery County Judge.

On December 15, 2009 I filed intent to run as an independent
candidate for County Judge in Montgomery County.

Some people say there is no compelling reason to make a change on
the commissioners court. My campaign and website argue the numerous
reasons for change.

If I am to be elected I need your assistance in obtaining 500 signatures
to secure a place on the ballot against Alan Barber Sadler, Banker and
Real Estate Mogul who is also FIVE time incumbent on the
Commissioners Court.

Your help in obtaining even one signature is highly appreciated.
I have just completed a campaign web page which explains the
reasons for running and  I think, clarifies my position on key issues. 

I have also prepared a page explaining
the rules for gathering petition signatures for an independent candidate
 for County Judge.  

If you like what you read on my web page and agree with me that we
need to change the commissioners court then I hope also you will
forward this email or my website to your friends who share the desire
for conservative limited government under God.

This Page explains petition signatures

This Page explains why i'm running and a little about me

This Page explains my platform
Sincerely and with thanks.
Adrian David Heath

2:48 pm
March 16, 2010


Info Junkie

posts 58

"Like a Breath of Fresh Air" Mr. Heath enters the County Judge race!

The voters appear to have a very real alternative to Mr. Sadler.  Thank you for posting the link to your site here.

Who can argue with the insightful logic of your "positiion" on drunk driving convictions by public servants. 

I enjoyed reading not only your positions on county matters but your down-to-earth style of connecting with the readers. 

Your "platform" is one that I can get behind 100%.  Go……Mr. Heath.  Where do I send my contribution to your campaign??

I would encourage everyone who is eligible to sign Mr. Heath's petition to get his name on the November ballot as an Independent candidate for County Judge (Alan B. Sadler's seat).  To see if you are eligible to sign just click on the page link that explains "petition signatures".

This is the citizen's chance to replace Mr. Sadler (with all his negative "baggage" exposed on this site over the past year) with a "citizen activist" with sensible, logical, fair sounding proposals that just might make our community a whole lot better and safer, too.



"The BANE of Our Socitey……….Ill-Gotten Gain and Arrogant Public Servants"



4:36 pm
March 16, 2010


Still Here

posts 20

I like all of this and it sounds good. I just do not understand the system at all and this is why I do not vote. If you want to run for an elected office then you should be allowed to do so without all this petition CRAP!

The system is so broken in todys society it is not even funny. We have a county judge (laughing stalk) of the community, that can drink and drive and his good ol boys at the PD (Sheriff Off) where ever just kick they boots up on a desk and allow it. This Judge from what I have seen runs from paying taxes, switches names on companies like his underware and no one does one thing about this. Oh yeah the people have done some thing they re-elect this scum bag poor excuse for a Judge.

Which leads me to my next point Mr. Heath I commend your efforts but the people in charge of this County will do every thing they can to block your efforts. What it's no big deal right after all the County Judge is a crook! The power has been taken away from us (The People)! I would love to see some one get elected that the system does not corrupt! What I mean is this, many good people such as your self have fought hard to get elected but once elected to office they give into corruption. Cause that is the easy way of doing things.

I by no means am disrespecting you or your effort. I am Desert Storm vet and I love this land very much so. I believe people need to look around and see what is going on in our local Gov. then look at State Gov. then maybe look at Federal Gov.. People do not stop and think where does it all start at well I believe it all starts at HOME here in the COUNTY!

The crime rate in Montgomery Co. is terrible why? People have nothing better to do the easy way remember. Some would say crime don't pay while other's argue oh yes it does. Let's look at that for a moment here when some one breaks the law they usually go to jail unless you are a member of the (GOOD OL BOY GOOK SQUAD)! Then they have to make a bond, then hire an attorney, or get one of (THE GOOD OL BOYS) appointed, then go to court most get slapped on the wrist with probation that is a joke believe me I know. All the while the tax payers are footing the bill. Why can't we make people that go to our county jail pay for their own food or work while there, instead they lay up on their back side watching color cable t.v. all paid for by folks who do not have these luxiries at home hummmm! So yeah it's pretty good deal. Then they right back on the streets commiting another crime it's over and over.

The office of the County Judge should be looking more into these kind of issues rather than roads and how can we suck some kind of money from the Federal Gov. by coming up with some kind of road project. When the last thing this County needs is roads they can not maintaine we got plenty of them right now. There are alot of positions with in this County that could be eliminated and done away with. Why go to any local Govt. office and take a look around how many people are actually working and how many sitting around joking and living it up?? Not careing one minuet about the person standing in line to get some thing done, taking time off work etc. so they can pay these jokers salries. It's on and on.

I am just simply saying I hope you do get elected and if so that first day while you are sitting in that seat remember my words here. I just feel like these officals are spending to much time trying to come up with complicated solutions to simple problems. Looking to benifit the (GOOD OL BOYS) not having one care about this County. I believe if you take care of the simple things there will be no complications.

Create jobs that people will enjoy and make this community safe, bussnisess will want to move here with jobs and benifits for all! No one wants to move their company to a community that is corrupt in the County Judge's seat.

I thank you for your time reading this post. If you would like to communicate with me on some more ideas I have feel free to e-mail me at

9:22 pm
March 17, 2010


posts 2

Post edited 9:25 pm – March 17, 2010 by


I have a similar opinion to you on the notion of petition signatures for ballot access. Just another way to ensure only the "approved" candidates can run.


I come from a country where Statism has gone too far for too

long, where you are required to vote by law. So I accept and your decision not to vote as your right as a free man. 

The thing is, now more than ever we must get involved in the fight for

good government and much more. If I am elected then I will be sold out to a special interest just like the rest. But that special interest must be the

taxpayer and the principles of limited government.


Whoever is in “power” needs to constantly be reminded where they

came from and whom they serve. So whatever the outcome in November we all need to get involved while we still have that privilege. Today government at all levels is listening to the wrong voices like bankers and big business and in many cases to intergovernmental interests.


I don’t recommend taking a bus ride ore plane ride to DC to

“Take America Back” although I applaud the motives of those who do, the

plunderers in DC are too far gone. They are not listening. Besides, much of

what they do up there is not their proper role if you believe in limited

government defined by the objective standard of the Constitution. No, I believe we “Take America Back” one county at a time. There are 3160 counties in the United States. Thanks be to God, we only need to concern ourselves with one. We can make the biggest difference here at home, in fact we must.


We have no business running all over creation telling other

jurisdictions how to suck eggs, It’s like complaining about your neighbors dog messing on your lawn when your dog is bigger, eats more and runs all over the neighborhood.  We need to dismantle BIG government here at home first.   So what if I am elected? Well I need to be held accountable to the founders’ principles. Just like everyone else. I need to be reminded that the supposed needs of government come second to the well being of the people who pay.


If DC were to fail (more than it has) then we still have to deal with local government and people like you need to play their part in assuring we have good government. So maybe you wont vote but you can influence

others to make right choices and quit settling for government as usual.


The old quote seems like a Cliché these days but it is still true.

Evil will triumph so long as good men do nothing.

I recommend Nehemiah Chapter 2 also.



1:49 pm
March 18, 2010


Still Here

posts 20

Post edited 1:50 pm – March 18, 2010 by Grasshopper

Mr. Heath

You are right on target with me here, and I am so glad to see that there are people like you still around. We have to take this County back and be firm about what it is that you are intending to do! I sent you an e-mail and am looking so forward to hearing from you concerning what we need to do to get you on that BALLOT in November. I am willing to register to vote if you are willing to stand and I MEAN STAND STRONG FOR WHAT IT IS YOU WANT TO CHANGE HERE! I will hold you accountable in ever way. With this said let's do this. I believe you can make this a safe and enjoyable place to live, work, and RAISE A FAMILY! God bless all the efforts made to get you there!

K. Newton

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Adrian David Heath for Montgomery County Judge

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