MCFMO Press Release – Retaliation, Drug Deals and Body Armor – Woodlands, South County


As the investigation continued, Officers from the MCFMO identified and interviewed other persons of interest. Investigators arrested an associate of the previous three arrested, Nathan Thomas Bell.  Bell was arrested for possession of a prohibited weapon after he was found in possession of military issue flash bang devices.  This offense is a 3rdDegree Felony.

Nathan Bell

John Cassidy

As of today, 4 individuals have been arrested for various charges, and additional charges are pending against some of these individuals.  During the course of this investigation, MCFMO Investigators have located additional evidence including items used to start the fire, additional marijuana, numerous guns, body armor, and two explosive weapons (Military Flash Bangs).  MCFMO Investigators have been assisted by units from MCSO, Montgomery County Constable Pct 3, and ATF.

Eddie Coleman

Christopher Game

This investigation is ongoing and anyone with information is urged to contact the Montgomery County Fire

Original Press Release

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies intervened last night, ending a string of criminal activity that began with an alleged armed robbery attempt during a drug deal in a South Montgomery County Park earlier in the evening.

Three individuals have been arrested and charged with possession of Components of an Explosive Device, after they were detained by MCSO patrol units on their way to set additional fires.

John Ethan Cassidy 25 YOM, Eddie Lee Coleman 22, and Christopher Louis Game, age 25 were discovered in the 28300 block of Shining Creek Lane off Riley Fuzzell Road.  Cassidy was arrested as he approached a home carrying items to be used in an incendiary device. The other individuals arrested were located by MCSO nearby in a parked vehicle blacked out and waiting for Cassidy.  All three individuals came to the area in response to an earlier alleged robbery.

Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Officers responded to the scene to assist MCSO, taking all three into custody, and are now proceeding forward with the investigation.

During the investigation, MCFMO Investigators learned that three individuals reportedly robbed Cassidy at gunpoint during a drug transaction that was to take place in a community park in the Creekside subdivision off Riley Fuzzell Rd. A shotgun was alleged to have been used by the three during the robbery, but it has not yet been determined if there were any shots fired during the robbery.

All three individuals arrested were charged with a 3rd degree felony for possession of the incendiary device.  They are facing additional charges, including, but not limited to 2nd Degree Arson of a vehicle.

The Woodlands Fire Department responded to the vehicle that was set on fire, a 2010 Mercedes.  The vehicle was discovered ablaze shortly after midnight parked on W. Misty Morning Trace. The vehicle was determined to be a total loss.

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