Sadler Clinic Physicians’ Lawsuit Posted Online By KHOU.Com

Montgomery County is abuzz with the news of a feud between a large contingent of local physicians and the Sadler Clinic.

Below is the link to reporter Andrea Lucia’s April 16th article about the lawsuit that the physicians brought against the clinic a few days ago.  The physicians filed their suit in the 9th District Court in Montgomery County.   Sadler Clinic filed a counter-claim.

The article provides links to the two most interesting documents filed by the parties so far.  The first document is the ”plaintiff’s original petition” and the second one is the defendant’s “counterclaim”.  The two clickable links in the article are directly under the image of the Sadler Clinic building.

The link to the article is furnished below this paragraph.


“The BANE of Our Society…..Ill-Gotten Gain and Arrogant Public Servants”

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