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Has Judge Sadler Completely Lost All Judgment?

Judge Sadler

Is this what voters pay Judge Sadler the big bucks for……to use his ivory tower office at the new commissioner’s court building (a building that he reportedly had a hand in naming after himself) as a “campaign” video studio?

As a recently posted YouTube video shows (link below story),  the judge has no compunction about setting aside time from his schedule of allegedly “taking care of the county business” to take advantage of his taxpayer-funded “digs” by using his office suite as a backdrop for a video piece of “fluff” that looks to be intended to help get himself re-elected while also helping to promote a local model/actress/beauty queen’s career aspirations.

The 32 year old woman in the video with Sadler is Montgomery County resident, Shaune Stauffer (ex-trophy wife of Astro Jeff Bagwell).

 As I watched the six minute video I had a hard time telling who was “promoting” whom.

All I could tell was that Sadler was having a good old time (indicated by his sheepish, school-boy grins and long looks into her eyes) while fielding this wannabe “media” queen’s softball questions that appeared all-too-rehearsed and intentionally aimed at furthering both of their private agendas.

Be sure to watch all the way to the end because, though this video starts off looking like some kind of legitimate media “interview”, you will note that at the very end of it Stauffer verbally “endorses” Sadler’s candidacy (with his nod of approval) and then you see a visual that reads: “Alan B. Sadler for Montgomery County Judge”.

If this isn’t a campaign ad I don’t know what is!

I thought it was unethical (if not illegal) to use any government resources for campaigning but Sadler must know something I don’t.

For those of you (like me) who are curious about the woman in the video I have a second link below this commentary of a recent self-promoting “demo” video of Stauffer that reveals more than you probably want to know about her.

I admit that after watching Stauffer’s demo I am left with the distinct impression that Sadler should have been savvy enough to run the other way rather than involve himself and his office in this questionable endeavor.

Or better yet, I have an idea………maybe he should sit down with a real reporter and answer truthfully the mountain of legitimate questions about his “hidden” twenty year record of feathering his own nest(egg) from the very office paid for by the taxpayers.

Incumbent Sadler is running in November for a sixth term as County Judge against businessman, Adrian Heath. Guess who I’m voting for?

Until next time……..


1. Sadler/Stauffer “Interview” Video Link:


2. Shaune Stauffer “Demo” Video Link:

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maxxbuster - who has published 24 posts on Montgomery County Monitor.

The "Bane of Our Society"........Ill-Gotten Gain and ARROGANT Public Servants.

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11 Responses to “Has Judge Sadler Completely Lost All Judgment?”

  1. rldrp2003 says:

    The *interviewer’s* real name is Shaune Sharmaine Bagwel and she definitely gives the *Judge* a run for his money in the self-promoting department. She’s a wannabe reality tv star who is just slightly over the age of 32 – by almost 12 years.

  2. A. Nonymous says:

    Someone needs to download those YouTube videos before they disappear.

  3. Jlbrock says:

    Shaune Stauffer Bagwell was married to Jeff Bagwell in 1992 when she was 26 and Jeff was 24 so that makes her 44 or 45. This interview is a joke right? What is wrong with Sadler

  4. normbel says:

    ALL POLITICIANS AND JUDGES ARE CORRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :frown: He named the building after himself?

  5. maxxbuster says:

    Shaune Stauffer (Bagwell) was born on November 18, 1973 according to her biography on the internet… is a link to a photo of her along with her bio (which also mentions her first movie part was at 13 yrs. old and it was titled: “Vasectomy, A Delicate Matter”, the story of a “Bank Executive” whose wife wants him to get fixed.
    So, let’s see….this makes her 36 yrs. old (37 this November) not 32 as she claims in her demo video linked above.,_Shaune/Biography/

  6. maxxbuster says:

    NORMBEL….yes, documents at the link below indicate that Sadler had a hand in naming the new commissioner’s court building after himself!

    This man fits my tagline to a tee……

    “The BANE of Our Society…Ill-Gotten Gain and Arrogant Public Servants”

  7. surfsup says:

    Here’s a link to a page where Sadler is surrounded by naked pics of this Shaun gal. What a disgrace to his office (and family)

  8. normbel says:


    I can’t wait Maxx! Keep em comin! IS shaune stauffer shaune bagwell exie of Jeff bagwell?

  9. maxxbuster says:

    Yes, Normbel……Shaune is the ex-trophy wife of Jeff Bagwell. Be sure and read todays story about her request to disable the link in my story above…..

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