Sadler Business Uses Taxpayer Money To Mow Weeds, Fails To Pay Bill

More Sadler liens!  Tell us Judge, what is your excuse for this “Labor Lien” gift of debt to the taxpayers of Henderson County, Texas?

According to public documents uncovered at the Henderson County Clerk’s office, Montgomery County Judge Alan B. Sadler and his business partner (felon) Aslam Ismail Kapadia ignored at least three City of Athens  “Notices to Abate a Nuisance”  and the subsequent bills and final liens.

Sadler’s business (Kapadia Sadler Development Inc.) apparently refused (three times over a two year period) to mow the excessive weed growth cited at one of their gas station/convenience stores at 600 N. Palestine, Athens, TX.  knowing full well that taxpayer dollars would be expended by the city if they failed to cut the weeds themselves.

Even more disturbing is the fact that Sadler’s business  then failed to ”pay up” when the City sent the $63.52 and (two) $80.02 bills!

Two of these liens are from 2008 and one of them is from 2009.  As of publication time all three of these liens remain unpaid according to Henderson County Clerk records.

Readers will remember that just a few days ago I posted a story that shows this same Sadler company currently owes Henderson County $62,000 in delinquent property taxes on several properties in the county.

The amount of the three  ”mowing” liens is not large but Sadler’s arrogance surely is.

According to MoCo appraisal district records Judge Sadler had plenty of money in 2009 to build a 9400+ sq. ft. home with 6 bathrooms in Montgomery, Texas as well as paying for his own private wastewater system to be installed on his 17 acre rural homestead.  I’ll bet he doesn’t let the weeds become a public nuisance on that property.

Do we think voters will feel it appropriate in November to pull the plug on this disgraceful county administrator who has shown such personal disdain for the laws of this state?

“The BANE of Our Society…..Ill-Gotten Gain and Arrogant Public Servants”